Testing Household Products on Animals

Animals in laboratories are experimented on for testing household products.  Cleaning products for ovens, baths, dishwashers, toilets and carpets.  Detergents, stain removers, toilet blocks, paints, glues, polish for furniture, cars and even shoes.  Bleach, washing up liquid, air fresheners and the list is endless.

Animals abused during cruel, household product animal experimentation research testing are dogs, monkeys, rabbits, mice, birds, guinea pigs, rats, fish and cats.

On this website stop household product animal testing, you will also find animal cruelty, vivisection animal testing pictures.  Graphic animal images which were secretly taken undercover by Brian Gunn, animal investigator from the International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals.

The experiments on animals for testing household products are cruel, immoral and unscientific.

Stop testing household products on live animals now!

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Draize eye irritancy test

Product Testing on Guinea Pigs
Product Testing on Monkeys
Product Testing on Rabbits